Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese characters were launched at some time in the mid 80’s by the govt of the People’s republic of China. Most professionals and authorities had continuously already been harassing the govt for several years requesting this change for the reason that they believed it would be the remedy to most of the issues which China faced at that time. As a result the government eventually fell for the pressure and made a decision to change it and individuals started to learn simplified Chinese from then on.

One of many main reasons why the decission was taken was because until then, the literacy system in China contained complicated characters which were rather difficult to write that made most of the people to be illiterate in those days. Thus, this system was introduced as a way to overcome this issue of illiteracy which China was confronting.

On the other hand, there were lots of other issues that also prompted the Chinese to modify their language structure. One of them was a common need among the people to alter their system as a way to accommodate several different writing skills too. In addition, considering that the Chinese language is made up of more than Four thousand characters, it’d become a lot easier if a person could write all that in a manner that different syllable would be utilized as opposed to just a single character which represents 2 different words. (it is how it works in the Chinese language).

Having said that, Hopefully this short summary on the history of the Chinese characters as well as the Chinese language assisted you comprehend why precisely it is that individuals now learn simplified Chinese instead of traditional characters in China and round the globe. Once you start to learn Mandarin Chinese, you’ll understand fully what I am referring to and why precisely those characters are extremely important.

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