Pinyin , is an official romanization system for Standard Chinese in Taiwan, and mainland China. It’s often employed to instruct Standard Chinese, that’s usually written utilizing Chinese characters. It consists of 4 diacritics denoting tones.

Pinyin without having tone marks is utilized to spell Chinese names and words in languages written using the Latin alphabet , as well as in some computer input methods of entering Chinese characters. This system originated in the 50s by a lot of linguists, which includes Zhou Youguang , based upon earlier types of romanization of Chinese . It actually was released by the Chinese government in1958 and modified a few times.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) used pinyin being an international standard in The early 80’s, and then by the U . N . in 1986. It was utilized as being the official standard in Taiwan in ’09, where it is put to use in romanization by itself instead of for computer-input and educational purposes.

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