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H1 Chinese Subject contain Two papers. 1st paper will be the Language section which is eightyper cent while listening and oral occupies the rest. Summarized within the Eighty per cent is essay writing making up thirty per cent of the total marks of the subject.

Essay writing is discovered to be the number one killer pulling down the marks of many A-level pupils.There are some explanations why essay writing is very important in A-level Chinese.Essay writing demonstrates how able you’re in expressing your own self for a particular topic. You have to translate your thoughts or ideas into words that is clear and also easy to understand.Essay writing also demonstrates the way you arrange the flow of a story. You need to plan your introduction, primary contents and also the summary within a rational and presentable way.Essay writing is another approach to demonstrate how good do you make use of the phrase, vocabulary or idioms learnt.

Your weak point might be in a different place like Comprehension, however it can’t be fixed should you do NOTHING about this. The quicker you begin, the more time you’ll have in get yourself ready for the examinations. A chinese tutor assists significantly in this part.

By getting a Chinese Tutor, you’ll get assistance in:

  • 1. Comprehending the structure of the A-level Chinese examination with the clarification from tutor. They will reveal some perception on which area you need to concentrate for the examination based on your weakness and strength.
  • 2. Help in Essay writing, from comprehending the topic, getting content thoughts, article constructing and also advice of appropriate words and phrases or idioms to use. Listing of outlined topic will be discussed and practicing can be carried out under his guidance.
  • 3. A tutor to practise your oral and listening. By carrying out the tutoring in Chinese, your oral and also listening capability will surely improve.
  • 4. Revision on the session learned at school and also practicing of previous year test papers.
  • 5. Getting the inspiration and self-discipline to study hard.

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