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Terms and Conditions

Registration is FREE OF CHARGE . Private Tutors who sign up with (A services by Harvestzone International) agreed to the following terms and conditions:

1. Eligibility

a) You must be a Singapore Citizen/Singapore permanent resident.
b) A minimum academic qualification of an O’level certificate and good grades in the subjects that you wish to teach.
c) You must produce all necessary documents to certify your academic qualifications, credentials and NRIC to the student/s or parents on the first lesson.

2. Commission

A one-time commission of 50% of the first month tuition fee will be charged to the private tutor, which we will collect directly from the student/s or parents, at the 2nd week of tuition.
Any attempt to cheat or deprive the Agency of her legal share of commission will result in legal actions being taken.

3. Cancellation of Assignment

If you decided to cancel the assignment before the first lesson that you have agreed to take up, prior notice of 24 hours before the first lesson must be given to the Agency (not the parents or students). If you fail to notify of your cancellation, an administrative charge of S$30 will be imposed to you.

4. Termination of Assignment

Minimum commitment period for a tuition assignment is 1 month. We will advise that it is preferred that you can have a long term committment as most parents do not like to change private tutor often. If you terminate an assignment before the first month, the Agency will recover her legal share of the one-time commission of 50% of the first month tuition fee from you.

If the student prematurely terminates the assignment during the first month, you will only receive 50% of payment for all your service hours. However, if the reason for the student’s termination is due to your fault as a private tutor (for example – you are always late, skip lessons without any valid explanation or reasons), you will bear the full commission charge.

5. Non-Payment by Tutees

When there are any disputes or concerns regarding tuition fees between any parties, we may step in to help facilitate payments. We will provide assistance, to our reasonable means, to help tutors to claim monies from clients and vice versa. However, we shall not be legally responsible for any payment disputes between tutors and tutees. Specifically, if tutees refuse to pay tutors or vice versa, We are not responsible to insure either party and will not be liable to pay up any tuition fees to either party.

6. Disclaimer

The Agency will not act as an arbitrator or mediator for any conflicts or disagreements that arise between the private tutor and the student/parents. However, we are always prepared to offer our suggestions.

7. Agreement for and Associates to contact you

With effect from January 2, 2014, the Singapore Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry will come into effect. This means that once you have registered on the DNC database, you will no longer receive unsolicited phone calls or messages. In providing your details to our Agency via the Tutor Registration Form, you hereby provide your consent and agree that the Agency may continue contact you for any current or future tuition assignments.

In order to get more tuition jobs for our tutors, our tuition agency’s associated partners will also be contacting you for new tuition assignments that might be suitable for you.


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