PSLE Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Are you looking for a Chinese tutor to assist in his/her PSLE exams? We are a home tuition agency specializes in 1 to 1 private tutoring in Singapore, we provide quality teacher to help your child to improve in his/ her academic results.

Chinese language is difficult

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Undoubtedly, Chinese language is among the hardest language on earth to learn. Students have complained about the difficulty of chinese characters and also the problem in trying to remember writting a chinese word.

In addition, a word can have four different sounds which means four different meanings. Hence, our kids are experiencing a number of obstacles to learn their Chinese language.

We provide you with a pool of experienced Chinese tutors determined to assist your children to conquer these obstacles blocking their improvement in mandarin language. Having right help and guidance, pupils can provide themselves with a strong Chinese foundation to nail the PSLE Chinese eventually.

They're not going to simply fulfill the goals passed down by Ministry Of Education, however they soar over and above expectations and learn Chinese characters successfully!

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