N / O Level Chinese Tuition Singapore

Preparing for the N or O level exams? Does your child needs extra assistance in catching up his or her Chinese standards. A home tutor is important to make it a possibility to accelerate their improvement. We provide Normal Chinese and Higher Chinese tuition for students in Singapore. Contact us now to find a qualified private tutor!

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By getting a Chinese tutor:

  • The student’s communicating skills will be enhanced through 1-1 conversation with the tutor. The tutor can instantly correct the pronunciation, provide guidelines of proper words for use, along with the correct sentences used in various situations.
  • The student can clarify with tutor on particular words that they’re not clear of and getting the tutor to explain to them in a clear manner.
  • Our tutor will strengthen the lessons coached in class in a more digestible way and educate the student on how to pick up reading skill effectively.
  • Te studet can master essay writing by using powerful and influential vocabulary introduced into the writings.
  • In addition to that, our Chinese tutor can discuss their recommendations on dealing with examination according to their own experience. To get a good score isn’t just about studying hard but additionally an issue of using the right technique.
  • Chinese tutoring not just function as extra assistance in scoring for examinations but will also inspires students by stimulating their interest in Chinese culture and language, and also establishing an objective for their Chinese learning.

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