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The Joy and Challenge of Learning Chinese

Imagine being able to speak a language that has been in existence for thousands of years and will permit you to converse with more than a billion people right away. Think of yourself as somebody who can speak a language that takes a great departure from your own. Learning Chinese is a very gratifying experience because Chinese is not just one of the official languages of the Nation, it is a language that bridges cultures from the Vietnam to Japan.

Did you know that the Japanese and Korean writing systems are based on the Chinese writing system of characters? Chinese is actually a family of languages that comprises of numerous dialects, some of which are unintelligible to one another due to the phonetics and tones of Chinese. Today Chinese has achieved a form of standardization and most Chinese and foreigners use the Chinese dialect, Mandarin, to communicate effectively in all walks of life.

Besides Mandarin, other dialects remain in popular use today like Cantonese which can often be heard in the Chinatowns across the world. Mandarin though, will serve you best in learning Chinese due to its prevalence and adoption as the standard form of Chinese. Today, Mandarin is spoken by about 850 million in China while the Wu dialect is spoken by nearly 90 million followed closely by Cantonese (70 million).

Learning Chinese will prove challenging for those who are learning it as a second language. The challenge of speaking Chinese is that it takes quite a departure from the phonetics of Western languages.

First, know that there are three aspects of the Chinese language that you will need in order to be well on your way to mastering the language. They are:

1. Tones.
2. Characters.
3. Sentence Order.

Tones – Focus your time and energy most on learning the tones of the Chinese language. The Chinese family of languages is distinguished by its “tonal” element. Did you know that Mandarin speaking Chinese people are nearly unintelligible to Cantonese speaking people due to the variance in tones?

Characters – There are thousands of character for the Chinese language. Find out which ones are in use today and focus on those. The older characters are best learned as stepping-stones to a complete understanding of Chinese. Your time will be best spent o learning the characters that are in use today.

Sentence order – Chinese is a pretty flexible language. Remember that Chinese is primarily spoken by native speakers so they are used to hearing a certain order within a sentence.


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